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Rocket Club Academy is the world’s first STEAM and entrepreneurship certificate program and community, hosted virtually for school-aged children from around the world. Our curriculum, which focuses on problem solving, critical thinking, and emotional quotient, has been developed in collaboration with founders of some of the world’s most influential companies, covering 24 cutting-edge STEAM and entrepreneurship disciplines that are changing global industries.

All businesses on this website are owned by Rocket Club Academy members, who earn 100% of the profits on their products. Rocket Club takes no equity in companies or fees.

Our Story

Rocket Club was founded by Alex Hodara in 2019. His 6 and 7-year-old nephews came to him and said they were interested in starting a business selling geodes. They filmed a video showing how to crack open geodes, and they explained their business plans. After starting a website, they sold out of geodes in a few days. Alex was blown away that a 6 and 7-year-old could grasp the concepts of revenues, profits, customer service, and price point and he realized that other kids could benefit from a similar education.

Hear from Rocket Club Parents

It is the best program. My kid joined many different kinds of after school programs, but the Rocket Club definitely is the best. It is so special and unique, they teach kids how to run their own business, how to code and much more. All teachers and staffs and so nice, the founder Alex is the best person, he not only leads the programs, but also takes care of each kid like an old friend. We all love this program.

Jing D

Where was a program like this when we were kids! My 13 year old daughter has been part of this brilliant program for 6 months now and I have never seen her so engaged with a program outside of school. My daughter is collaborating with a group of kids to launch a business and learning entrepreneurship and STEM skills. She feels incredibly supported by the instructors and mentors and as she just told me "I accomplishing things she never imagined would have been possible just six months ago." Thank you Rocket Club!

Risa S

I can't say enough good things about Rocket Club. Our son felt a little out of touch with his classmates at school who had little interest in his business dreams and fun ideas constantly bouncing around. It was a gift to find Rocket Club and the wonderful student collaborators. Everything is super thoughtful and inspiring. Teachers and administrators are terrific. These kids will definitely blast off-- sky's the limit here!

Chris Himes