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Blueberri Bliss was Founded by Ashvi, age 11.

About Blueberri Bliss:

Well, the story of how I founded my company name (and logo/slogan) is actually very unexpected... At first I was trying to brainstorm a bunch of ideas for my company name. I didn’t have one and at that point I was really excited I was actually dreaming about it. The next morning when I had woken up, me and my mom were working on our first thousand piece donut puzzle.

After around 15 minutes of doing the puzzle we finally completed out first donut out of all the more we had to do. That’s when I saw the name tag on the donut, and the name of the donut in the puzzle we finished was called “Blueberry Bliss” and I thought, That’s A Great Name For My Company! And that’s how Blueberri Bliss came to be. I also changed to spelling so I wouldn’t be exactly copying the donut and also because it’s more unique. Along with the name I also created the slogan Wear it with joy! I owe a lot of this to my parents for helping me along the way. And remember.., whenever you buy my product make sure you “Wear It With Joy!” 😉


Shirt Description:

  • 100% polyester moisture management jersey
  • Sewn with 100% polyester thread
  • Ribbed collar
  • Taped shoulder-to-shoulder
  • Double needle hem sleeves and bottom
  • Side seam construction
  • EasyTear label
  • Sizes: XS-XL